Tom Shewchuk - Acrylic Artist


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Tom at work

I was born and raised in West Fort William, Ontario (Thunder Bay). In my youth I enjoyed the outdoors, spending many days fishing the shores of Lake Superior and hunting in the Boreal Forest. The beauty of North-western Ontario has inspired my work for the past 40 years. As a self taught artist, I started sketching scenery during my many excursions, and learned my true passion was painting.

I have been a member of The Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 6) for the past several years and have had the privilege to jury young art students Remembrance Day posters from all parts of Northwestern Ontario. My selections from the local artists are forwarded to be juried nationally.

Another local promentant artist and I started the Thunder Bay Artists Guild, to showcase the works of many local artists who did not have a venue to display their artwork. This group displayed at the Thunder Bay Mall for over a decade.

Earlier in my artistic career, I was a member of the Lakehead Visual Arts. I've been a member of the Northern Images Art Group for approximately thirty years.

It pleases me to know that my vision of Northwestern Ontario can be viewed in many countries throughout the world.