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Eugene Vandal 2015.JPG
Artist's Statement

Being completely self-taught, Eugene's work has always focused on the minute details of nature. His unique style of realism now incorporates an enhanced flavour in the form of unusual and vivid colours. This puts a whole new perspective on nature. Eugene also likes to use many centers of interest within his paintings, which keeps the viewers eye constantly moving within the work.


All Eugene's paintings are done from photographs which are first modified on a computer. "As an artist I am still constantly drawn to nature, always looking for that perfect scene of colour, light and shadow. This can be in the form of a panoramic landscape or a simple mushroom growing at the base of a moss covered stump. I enhance what Mother Nature has laid before me, eliminating what is unnecessary and focusing on what initially caught my eye. This method creates the drama I want in my work."


Eugene is a native of Thunder Bay who started painting in oils at the age of ten, using a small Grumbacher paint set his sister sent to him as a Christmas present. Art class was his favourite time in school, always going beyond what the average classmate created. During high school, Eugene was always chosen to be on the decoration committee for the school dances. In 1988, Eugene switched to acrylics, which he now finds much more versatile and easier to work with, suiting his enhanced realistic style. They allow me to work non-stop, applying layer after layer of paint, building and enhancing areas within the painting. They also allow me to quickly correct areas that I don't feel are working to my satisfaction.


1986 to 1990 - Lakehead Visual Arts Galleries - Thunder Bay, ON

1990 to 1993 - The Craft and Art Market Show & Sale - Thunder Bay, ON

1994 to 2016 - Artisans Northwest Christmas Show & Sale at the Valhlla Inn - Thunder Bay, ON

2014-16 - Lakehead Visual Arts at the Baggage Building Art Centre - Thunder Bay, ON

2014-15 - Lakehead Visual Arts at Gallery 33 - Thunder Bay, ON

2014 - "The North Now" - 2014 Northern Ontario Juried Exhibition - Thunder Bay Art Gallery

2017 - "Lakehead Art Collective" - Etobicoke Civic Centre, Etobicoke, ON - May 2-30


1999    Thunder Bay Art Gallery - People's Choice Awards - 2nd. place - Wild Sarsaparilla

2012    Trout Unlimited Canada - Artist of the Year Winner - Dana Creek

2014    Thunder Bay Art Gallery - The North Now Exhibit - People's Choice Award  (1st. place for the acrylic painting "Oliver Bay")